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Planning For A Puppy

Am I The Dog For You?

Questions To Ask Before Buying A Puppy

How To Identify A Responsible Breeder

About Pet shops

About Dog Selling Websites - Buyer Beware

Training Your Puppy

Bringing A New Dog Home

Establishing The Alpha position - Letting Your Dog Know Who's Boss

Avoiding "Flying Shih Tzu" Injuries

Puppy Socialization And Training


NuVet Labs Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

General Information About Shih Tzu Health

Early Spay And Neutering Considerations

Titer's: Protecting Your Dog With This Simple Test Makes Sense

Coprophagia (Stool Eating) Considerations

Ear Wash For Dogs

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Health Related Websites

Veterinary Clinics

Veterinary Clinic Directory (Alberta)

Veterinary Clinic Directory (Canada/United States)

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Canadian Kennel Club

Canadian Shih Tzu Club

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American Shih Tzu Club

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